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Due dates starting Mid February and later will be offered Luxury "In-Home" sessions.  Keep your fresh new baby in the comfort of their own germ free environment.  Let us  bring the studio to you.  This Luxury Session still offers all the variety and quality of our previous studio session.  The process of design is also the same.  The only difference is that new parents have the ultimate convenience of not having to bring their new baby out in public. Ainsley only needs a small area to work in. If your residence doesn't allow a ton of natural light, don't stress, we have professional lighting that will allow you a great collection of images.



We prefer to photograph newborns when they are between five and ten days old, but will still photograph your baby if your newborn is older than the desired age range.  Sessions last approximately 3 hours with time built in for feedings and comforting.

When considering The Art of Baby for your newborn session, it's never too early to book. Because delivery dates are unpredictable, an approximate date will be reserved for you. Once you go into labor, it's imperative to inform us as soon as possible so that we can confirm date a within the desired window of time.  



Ainsley recommends scheduling milestones at 4,8 & 12 months (or 6 & 12months) with yearly update sessions around each birthday. 



* A session fee is due at the time of booking to reserve the date and time.

* Recording devices and/or cell phones are NOT permitted during the session.

* Approximately 1-2 weeks after the session, an in person ordering session will be scheduled.

* A trademark session will produce a minimum of 40+ final images to choose from.

* A mini session will produce 15-20 final images to choose from.


AINSLEY SHERRIE | Owner and Photographer

Ainsley has specialized in newborn photography for 10+ years.  The love of children is apparent with the amount of patience and attention that is shown throughout her photography sessions.  Ainsley's style of photography is pure, simplistic and organic. Each signature session is customized through a pre-session consultation. This allows the session to be photographed with purpose of the client's end goal.  

Ainsley Sherrie and The Art of Baby offer a full-service experience, if the client chooses to take advantage.  Most clients love the fact that the products they receive are the highest quality fine-art heirloom products on the professional market and not available to the masses with online ordering sites. This gives Ainsley Sherrie and The Art of Baby client's unique display options that fit seamlessly into each client's home decor.